Jolie's Agenda

Kansas City’s next chapter must focus on ensuring that our neighborhoods are the best they can be by providing educational opportunities for everyone, closing opportunity gaps, developing responsible growth policies, and combating violent crime.

Jolie is committed to strengthening our neighborhoods so that people of all walks of life can prosper right here in America’s creative crossroads.

Safer Communities

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of Kansas City’s efforts to sustain its momentum is the city’s unconscionably high crime rate, particularly the homicide rate.

While other cities are experiencing a crime reduction, Kansas City is not. We cannot allow that trend to continue.

Educational Opportunity for Everyone

Learning should be a lifelong experience. From three months old to post-retirement it’s never too early or too late to add to your education. A strong city with strong communities ensures that everyone has access to educational opportunities.

Jobs, Investment, and Equality

Growing our economy and creating jobs are critical goals, but we can’t afford to do it in a way that creates a bigger gap between the haves and the have-nots. A big part of making Kansas City’s neighborhoods stronger is reducing inequality and making smart
investments in communities that spur development, growth, and opportunity throughout the city.

Smart City, Smart Growth

From expanding the city’s efforts to be more transparent and embracing 21st century transportation options to developing a comprehensive housing plan and protecting open spaces, there is more Kansas City can do to grow smarter. Let’s continue to lean into the new, the thoughtful, and the progressive ideas that make this a city that embraces the future, and let’s give more people a reason to make Kansas City the place they call home.